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NeuronsOn was born from the meeting between a specialist in artificial intelligence and a specialist in Energy Savings Certificates, united by the same desire to support their customers in the hyper automation of their business processes.

Who are we ?

The genesis of Docsya

Working with his clients, Johnny Saffar identified a pattern in their queries – issues of labor capacity, process optimization, quality improvement, and data overload.


He realized that the ultimate source of data for any business was its documents. This realization led him  to invest heavily in R&D and create a solution powered by artificial intelligence to meet the needs of his customers. In 2018, he developed stable and reliable software   called

"CEErtia" forCollect Everything Efficiently with AI(IA).

The first publicly available version of CEErtia was released at the end of 2019, and since then it has steadily evolved into hyper-automation software used by some of the biggest companies in the world.

Following the meeting of the two founders, a "spin-off" of this hyper-automation tool was created in 2022, specially adapted to the specificities of the field of CEEs, and to its changing regulations, including a configuration interface and AI training in no-code. Docsya was born. 

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